Statement of Traffic Accidents - DAT

Terms and Conditions of use
  • The information submitted will be used confidentially for statistical purposes and studies aimed at preventing accidents and enhancing public safety;
  • The declarant is responsible for information and can suffer criminal / administrative penalties on false information;
  • The DAT intends to register the cases of accident without victim, where there was no damage to safety equipment, brakes, suspension and steering of the vehicle, no cases have involved dangerous goods or public vehicles and have not caused damage to the environment or public property;
  • It is necessary to use Acrobat Reader to print statement. Click on the icon to download; Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • The declarant must be over 18 or be emancipated;
  • The computer IP and date of statement will be registered.
  • Declaration once finalized will no longer have the possibility of change, unless by way of rectification,
  • If the system is idle for a period of 1 hour, the data will be disregarded;
  • After generation protocol declaration, the declarant shall the deadline of 48 hours to complete the inclusion of information. If this process is not made within this time period, the protocol will be disregarded.
  • This statement is subject to conference and approval. You will be informed by e-mail about the approval of the statement.
  • It is mandatory the indication of an eletronic address (e-mail) for completing the declaration. He will be the primary means of communication between you and Brazilian Highway Police;
  • You can inform partial values for a vehicle plate. In case you haven't identified it completely. Examples: 'ABC-12??', 'ABC-??34', 'A??-1234';
  • Fields marked with (*) are required;
  • Fields help (?) Are available in the form, use them in case of doubt;